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Grew up in the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario,Canada. After completing my Secondary education and three years of; Broadcast Radio, Television and Film, I grew 'restless in St. Catharines'. As pollution increased and my desire to seek other surroundings West, I left home and settled in boring Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It was cleaner, but oh so boring. I met my other half and am raising four children.
Spiritually, I had come to a 'dry well' in Ontario, and before leaving tried the 'Charismatic Renewal'. I stayed in this mess for at least three to four years. I was an 'Elder' in the Charismatics, and had a long-list of 'gifts'. After enough years of disillusionment, I quit completely, and became a staunch follower of the "Triple White"...The Holy Eucharist, Mary and the Pope. With these three, as 'St. Don Boscoe's dream goes' will not fail to find the True Church. So here I am speaking from experience.


classical guitar,reading,writing,research,hiking in the mountains